Saturday, January 5, 2019

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual - Introduction

From the Back

This book provides a complete alphabetical list of all the "monsters" encountered in the various works which comprise the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game system. It is an invaluable resource to players and dungeon masters alike.


Ooh, back cover contradicts the DMG, do I smell trouble? No, obviously not. I'm pretty sure all that stuff about the necessity of keeping information secret from the players was mostly just posturing. I'm sure, even in the 70s, groups rotated DMs.

There's no real way this book can go wrong. It's going to be goofy D&D monsters, presented in those minimalist old-style statblocks. Worst thing I'll be able to say about it is that my brain refused to process the numbers and thus most of the book was unintelligible. But that's fine. I'm not here to run detailed analysis on each of these games, judging their numbers against an abstract notion of balance. I'm just collecting impressions. And I expect my impression of this book to be favorable.

I am hoping to be shocked by something super weird, though.


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