Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dungeons and Dragons - Companion Player's Book and Master Books - Introduction

What Is This

These are, in theory, the other half of BECM Dungeons and Dragons (also, there's an "I" in there somewhere, but I don't have it). At first, I didn't even realize I had the Companion book, because it's only half the box set and labelled "Player's Companion: Book One." Which is different than the Master books, which are called "Master Players' Book" and "Master DM's Book." I only found out they were all part of the same series when I searched online for the provenance of my Player's Companion.

Sadly, I am missing half the Companion box set. In my defense, these were not books I purchased myself, but rather an old collection I inherited (once you become known as "the D&D guy" people can't wait to unload their old shit onto you - not that I ever complained). And even though I was not even aware of this book's existence until earlier today, it's now taking all of my willpower to resist going on Amazon and finding the rest of the set.


I am certain that these books are going to alternate between incredibly dry and impossibly baffling, probably even within the span of a single page. They have the virtue of being short, though, so I'll probably get through them pretty fast.

Between the three of them, they represent high-level play in the semi-original Dungeons and Dragons, and thus it will be interesting to contrast the tone with that of the Basic and Expert books. I have a feeling that the Master's DM book, especially, will have a very alien perspective on D&D's power curve.


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