Sunday, November 11, 2018

Heroes Unlimited - Introduction

Back Cover

Virtually every type of hero imaginable, whether inspired by comic books, pulps, novels, film or television, is waiting to be created and played. The stuff of action-packed adventure.

A superhero game from the people behind Rifts. It doesn't appear to be licensed to any particular superhero property, so I'm thinking it will mostly be generic, possibly with some thinly-disguised knockoffs of popular characters. At least, I'm hoping there will be thinly-disguised knockoffs of popular characters, because I'm always amused by the contortions people go through to say something without saying anything.

It's a pretty thick book, and that has me slightly worried. I have this fear that it will do that mid-90s thing where it tries to be a "complete" system by modelling every picayune detail, but then the scale of it is such that most of it doesn't matter.

That's likely just cynicism, though. It's just as possible that it's 352 pages because they had so many ideas they needed all that space to fit them in.


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