Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Genesys - Introduction

What is It

I . . . I don't entirely know. Is it pathetic to admit that? I got a pretty hard sell on it at the game store, but all I can remember now is that it uses some weird dice. And also that the book itself was only 40 dollars (though, once you add the dice into that, it turns out to be the same cost as any other prestige rpg hardcover).

Sometimes my purchasing decisions really are that shallow.

That being said, I read the back of the book and it promises to be a fun, fast-paced universal system that will let me create any sort of setting I want. Certainly, there was mention of some buzzwords that made me sit up and pay attention "zepplins," "holy fire," "alien warlords." Plus, the cover is really pretty. What do they say about books and covers again . . .


In all seriousness, I expect this to be a dry read with the occasional thing that makes me sit up and go, hmm. Probably something that I'll desperately want to play for like, a week and a half after reading it, but then will languish in obscurity behind the other half-dozen systems I've been dying to try out.


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