Friday, November 16, 2018

These Five Old-School Adventures - Introduction

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What is This

Many years ago, someone left me a whole box of Dungeons and Dragons stuff. It's been long enough that I don't remember exactly who, but I'm pretty sure it was one of the clients of my stepfather's moving company. I subsequently put them on my shelf and forgot about them . . . until now.

They are five adventures, ranging from levels 4 to 35. Judging by the covers, they are all fairly standard fantasy fare:

Lathan's Gold - you must find a treasure to release your betrothed from the evil Baron that's holding them hostage.

Quest for the Heartstone - A queen has tasked you to find a gem, and it seems important, but it's not clear from the back of the book why that is.

Blade of Vengeance - You play a specific character, Erystelle of Dorneryll who has just returned to their childhood home only to find it under attack by some sinister forces.

Mystery of the Snow Pearls - A magical pearl has been stolen, somehow putting an elvish village into peril. Maybe because an evil wizard has challenged you to recover it.

Twilight Calling - An ancient evil wants to unseal the seven gates that hold it prisoner. You know the drill.


The thing that strikes me most is that three of these adventures are solo adventures. This affects me on a profound personal level. I was a lonely child, without many friends, and knowing that the random anonymous person with the extra D&D stuff was probably the same way fills me with a sense of . . . something. I guess if I'd known, I'd have read them earlier.

I'm not a huge fan of "traditional" fantasy, and none of these things look like they take many risks, but it looks like a decent variety within those confines. I'm sure it will be moderately entertaining, and in all likelihood there will probably be at least one or two completely bonkers things per module.

Here's hoping, anyway.


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