Monday, May 17, 2021

I did a thing

 Although maybe the "I" in that title is doing a bit of heavy lifting here. I was just the capitalist, the authors did most of the work. Still, I was involved in a small, but critical way. I had money, and now I don't, so I need strangers on the internet to give me money until I get my money back (and maybe for a little bit afterwards . . . if they're feeling generous).

For what, you may ask, as if your mind didn't immediately leap to the short, cryptic post I made back in March? It's Tales of Clickbait. It's real. It happened. And now you can own it.

A science fiction and fantasy anthology, released under the Creative Commons so that people can write all the sequels, spinoffs, and adaptations their little hearts desire. Or they could just enjoy some amazing stories written by skilled authors and compiled by a massive dork.

But hey, this is a brag, not an ad. So loyal readers, if you don't want to drop 4 bucks on a fiction anthology that will literally change your life, I am extending a standing offer - email me at, mention your favorite post here at It Came From The Bookshelf, and I'll send you a free copy. Also, I will go on your podcast.

I dare you to name a better deal than that.